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Title : Need For Speed: Undercover
Publisher :  EA
Genre : Racing
Total Disks : 1
Available Platform : PlayStation 3
Game Mode: Single-Player , Multiplayer
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Leave behind all your competitors with the Need for Speed Undercover racing video game. The action-packed story of this single or multi-player video game lets you act as an undercover police officer with an aim to defeat the criminals. The heroic driving engine used in this Racing video game allows you to perform amazing stunts. The open world map in the Need for Speed Undercover contains 109 miles of road and huge highways so that you can reach your destination quickly. Go through adventurous environment like Palm Harbor, Port Crescent, Gold Coast Mountains, and Sunset Hills in this video game. Modify and customize your car to give it a better look. The advanced A.I. mechanic used in this game provides an exceptional driving experience. Use the Logitech wireless racing wheel in this Racing video game to get the ultimate fun. Defeat all your players in the 2 or 4 player mode.

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