Pass it On !

Get Points for Spreading the Word

That's right we'll give you Points for doing something you're probably already doing.

Tell A Friend

Personalize the introductory paragraph to the 'How It Works' letter. Fill in the grid with the emails of the friends to whom you are sending the letter. Their names will be placed in the Referrals section of your account. You can then send follow-up emails as needed.


Customize fliers to print and distribute to public areas.

Business Cards

Make your own custom business cards to print and hand out to people you meet.

Web Site Banners

Copy the code provided onto your own web page and share it with visitors to your web site.


Copy and paste smaller versions of web site banners that you can add to your website.

Email and Nickname Signatures

Copy the supplied code into your email signature line. When someone clicks on the link and joins, your account will be linked to them as the referrer.


Copy and paste our logo to use on various items you design to spread the word. Thank You & Keep Spreading the Word. It's Working!


Business Cards

Website Banners


Play'N'Swap Logos

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